Here is a list of our FAQ's

What type of hair is Zen Hair Extensions?

Chinese, Virgin Remy, Human Hair extensions.

What is Virgin Hair?

The hair is unprocessed and unaltered before it get to the factory where it is then coloured.

What is Cuticle Correct?

When purchasing remy hair, you are getting hair that is confirmed as cuticle correct. This means that the hair is prepared in a way so that every strand flows in the same downward direction.

What application methods do Zen Hair Extensions offer?

We offer I-Tip (Micro Rings), U-Tip (Keratin Bonds), Tape, Weft, and Clip-In Hair

What lengths do Zen Hair Extensions come in?

We offer lengths 14″, 18″ and 22”.
The availability of these vary depending on the method and series of hair.

How long do Zen Hair Extensions last?

Pure Series last 3-6 months / Luxury Series 6-9 months / Ultimate Series 9-12 months

How many colours do Zen Hair Extensions offer?

Zen Hair offers over 40 colours! These include a variety of ombrés, balayages, blondes, mixes, pastels, and base colours!

What Shampoo/Conditioner should be used?

We only recommend our Zen Hair After Care Range.

Can the extensions be coloured?

We do not recommend using any bleaching agents on the hair as this may cause damage to the hair extensions and your own hair. We strongly recommend you seek salon assistance in dying your hair extensions. 

*Please also note if you alter the colour of the hair in any way, e.g. using a toner, then the guarantee on the hair will be void.

What is the difference between Single Drawn & Double Drawn hair?

Single drawn means that whilst the majority of hair strands are the nominal length; i.e. 18” or 22”, there can be a number of shorter ones of varying length. The hair is thick at the tip of the bundle and then tapers off towards the end. This provides a natural fall and blend with your own hair, especially if it’s layered.
Double drawn means virtually all the strands are the same length. The hair extensions are thick right to the bottom. The process to achieve this is very labour intensive and requires more hair to achieve the result, hence the higher price. However it provides a much denser result overall.

What is Super Drawn hair?

Our Ultimate range is super drawn hair, which is made from baby cuticle hair. This means the hair is from donors age 18-24 years old with healthier and stronger hair. As a result, we are able to only very gently process the hair, and most of the protective cuticles are left intact, leaving smooth, soft and shiny hair, hence the term ‘baby cuticle hair’. It is left in much of its original healthy state as possible.