Perfect Secrets

Our hair naturally grows outwards from the scalp, which is why Zen Hair developed the Perfect Secrets Extensions tape application, which mimics the appearance of hair root growth, blending seamlessly into the hair and looks virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Performing exactly like your own hair, thin polymer pieces are infused with hair strands full of thickness from root to tip, reducing shedding and tangling,
lengthening the lifespan of your beautiful extensions!

Sitting flat against the head, our lightweight, flexible and comfortable extensions are attached with a simple click and clip mechanism for easy application. This set can be heated, styled and washed just like your own hair and with the correct aftercare it can last up to 2 years. Perfect for daily or occasional use, our Clip In
Extensions come with 9 varying sized hair pieces, which comfortably fit close to the roots for instant body, volume and length. Available in 16” or 20” extension sets, choose your desired length for your chosen look.

This 9-Piece Clip In Extension set includes:

1 x 9” -XL piece
2 x 6” -L pieces
2 x 4” -M side pieces 4 x 1.5”- S side pieces


Healthy Virgin Hair

Ultra smooth, uni-directional cuticles, for silky smooth and shiny, tangle free hair. Zen Hair is meticulously prepared to protect the living hair cuticles from source, to maintain that naturally healthy, young hair.

Nutritionally Optimized

The hair is fortified with the latest Keratin deep-conditioning process which penetrates deep into the cortex, to help maintain ultimate hydration of the hair after colouring making it beautifully soft and shiny to the touch.

Longlasting Luxury

Great looking hair even after months and months of continuous use. The exceptional longevity of the hair outlasts most brands in the market, with our Ultimate Series boasting up to a whole year’s use with general maintenance.

Astounding Quality

Even after extensive washing, our hair extensions reveal a deep shine and remains exceptionally soft and moisturised back in its original state, ready for the intensive styling and challenging demands of modern hair trends.